Benjamin LukBenjamin Luk is a nationally published fashion, editorial and advertising photographer based in Vancouver, BC. With diplomas in Motion Picture Production and Professional Photography, Benjamin hasn't done much with either but likes to mention them on his websites for additional credibility.

Ben's passion for photography began with a borrowed Olympus D-575 Zoom, a 3.2 MP consumer-level rangefinder. Eventually upgrading to a 6.0 MP Canon PowerShot S3 IS, Ben was satisfied; that is, until he realized there were shinier and more expensive cameras out there. He now shoots on a 21.1 MP Canon 5D Mark II with Profoto strobes. As soon as his lottery investments pay off, he plans on upgrading again to a Phase One P 65+ so he can actually steal souls.

Ben also likes people to believe he had a hand in starting the 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon. Through careful bribery, he served as a photo judge in its first year and remains a committee member to this day. The organizers have no idea how to get rid of him.

When not working as a photographer, Ben pretends to be a lighting technician for film and television. Most recently, he found himself working on the TV series "Fringe" and for NBC during The Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. However, he is much more passionate about still images. Thirty frames per second sounds exhausting.

Benjamin shoots fashion, advertising, portraits, headshots, corporate events, weddings and pretty much anything else involving people and bipeds shaped like them. His wedding work can be seen at